My Story,


My name is Chetanya de Wit and I am 44 years old. My clients experience me as friendly, sincere, knowledgeable, focused and socially involved in their well-being or business.
I have two Masters in Cultural Anthropology and Medicine and I am a promoted Medical Doctor. I followed and completed both studies at the University of Amsterdam.
I also followed a crisis counseling course.
I have over 14 years of experience in guiding people and giving ‘teachings’ as a spiritual teacher.
I have practically come into possession of a clairvoyant gift from one moment to the other. This has taught me that you can plan everything in advance, but that life sometimes takes an unforeseen turn. I have decided, despite my two university titles, to take this exit and take on the challenge.

I think my strength lies in the deep knowing that everything, no matter how difficult, can be solved and that with the help of my gift, I can understand every step you have taken in your life, you can tell the reason behind it, but even more importantly how you can get ahead in your life. Experience shows that this can be achieved in a very short time. Here I distinguish myself from other professionals.
In addition, I think I have a talent to see all the lines of your life and to be able to take them apart as a tangle of wool, to make them visible to you again. This creates a unique distilled and customized blueprint of your life or company. This serves as a guideline from which specific and appropriate solutions are formulated.

I notice that my total background, as an anthropologist, spiritual master, clairvoyant and medical doctor works complementary and enables me to really bring people closer to themselves and their authentic strength. With portraits of my clients I show them their innerself; their soul energie. I also make paintings that exactly match the energy of your company or home that must be to exhaled into the cosmos.  With my talent as a artist I want you to realize your fulltime potential.

My work is my passion and I will always do this with an unbridled commitment and a purity of heart.